Jun 8, 2014

Dear diary.

I have been busy.
And happy.
And active.
And shit´s happened.

After a 6 year struggle.
I graduated school.
And I am now officially a graduated arts manager.
I went to school on friday.
Got the verdict.
Walked out in to the sunshine.
And tears started streaming down my face.
The joy.
The proudness.
The emotion of getting something accomplished.

I went out.
Friday night.
Danced all night.
To the tunes of Hercules & Love Affair.
I love the new nightlife in Helsinki.
Finally Helsinki is catching up to the rest of Europe.

Headed to the summer house.
By the ocean.
Skinny dipping.
And most importantly.
My love.

Here´s some weekend feelings.
Talk to you soon.

My parents summer house.
The bonfire was one of the key factors of saturday night.

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