Mar 21, 2013


Yesterday was a great T-shirt find day.
And clean up your clothes day.
My brother and his girlfriend came.
They brought me AMAZING STUFF.
I was never a great rye bread fan.
Now, I can´t get it.
So I feel like I want it.
I need it.
I am fucking dying without it.
These days, no one´s really selling that shit on the streets.
Reverse psychology.
Now I wanna thank my sister for the amazing Iphone case.
A custom case with a picture of us on the back.
Love you.
(This is where you go: Awwwwwwwww).
By the way.
My dirty hands will be touching your face all the time.

I love pictures.
What would our memories be without them.
What would my mind be without them.
My minds make believe.
I´ve spent recent nights on the phone.
Mostly with travel agents.
And hotels.
Time difference is a close friend to insomnia.

Who´s bad?

I´ve been looking for this T for a while, RIP.

Remembered I have this awesome Hunx & His Punx T, I cut the sleeves.
I did production for them in Finland. 

I had to get this!!!!! I did not know Live Nation had it´s own merch company.

I HAVE piles and piles of clothes, want some?

And these are the items I requested from Finland.
Fazers chocolate - of course, LEGENDARY.
Reissumies - Proper Rye bread.
Salmiakki - salty liquorice
Oltermanni cheese - just so relish now that I can´t have it here
Abba - tuna paste thingy to put on your bread (my mouth is watering).
JALOVIINA  or JALLU as we call it- this liquor made of brandy, neutral grain spirit and water
Last but not least.
HESBURGER MAYO - This burger chain with the most unbeatable burgers.



Anonymous said...

I like this

Maria R said...

Den här gillade jag! De låter så som du hela texten. Jag skrattade mycket. Du är underbar, jag saknar dej!! Skick hem lite kläder. Nää, bättre, jag kommer o söker! Ska fylla kylsåpet med Jallu o ta ledigt när du kommer hem! My love. <3