Oct 31, 2013


I met my amazing friend Venla.
She is from Finland aswell.
I think I was 15 when I met her.
She used to be my dance teacher.
We have always kept in touch.
And I really look up to her.
She is this strong amazing woman,
Now it happens that she´s living in NYC too.
And we have very similar thoughts on life.
And our roots.
During the years I´ve taken portraits of her.
And yesterday I brought my camera and took some beautiful shots.
She has this amazing energy that always gives me something.
I´m so lucky to have amazing people in my life.

Later I saw my other friend.
And we happened to be sitting next to Robyn.
Of course I had to be awkward and go over and say something.
In swedish of course.
She was with her family.
Even more awkward.

Out of the blue.
I find out that we are going to a halloween party.
Not just any halloween party.
But Michael Stipes halloween party.
I made it simple and dressed up as Jason.
People in masks freak me out.
So I had to avoid freaking others out.
And I kept removing my mask all the time.
Robyn was there.
And we actually became friends.
So I had the chance to make fun of my awkward approach earlier.
I talked to Michael Stipe for a while.
Making stupid jokes, not realising it was him.
He took off his wig and I was like.
Oh hey.
Liv Tyler was there too.
She took a picture of me.
I guess actors do make me a little starstruck.

All I can say is.
Today was not fun.
I had to get up really early.
A homeless person walk past me.
And said.
"Oh man you look tired".
I was like "Thank you, I know".

I´m a creep. 

My Jason outfit. Creepy.

Before I went to bed. 

Oct 30, 2013

Just sitting here.

I had to relocate.
I moved my computer and my papers from my room.
To the lounge outside.
Sometimes you have to move to another location.
To get work done.
That´s why people have offices, right?

On Monday I had drinks with my friend Armando.
We decided to stay at my hotel.
We sat in the same place as I sit right now.
We start looking around and notice we´re surrounded.
By Patti Smith.
By a drunk Sam Shepard.
By David Byrne (talking heads).
By Steven Dorff (handsome).
We then gathered our troops and went to see our friend.
Willis Earl Beal play.
He was on tour with us last year.
And I barely ever saw him perform.
I now realised how amazing he is.
So amazing.
He is a true talent.
I have not heard a voice like his since Jimi Hendrix.
I cried a little bit.
Got a little shaky.
By his energy on stage.
I met Michael Jacksons nephew there.
He was handsome.
After the show me & my friend Armando went dancing.
To this club I´ve never been to.
Ended up at a painters after party.
I had no clue who he was until I stepped into his apartment.
Saw the huge studio.
And googled him.
I hate google.
Can´t people just stay a mystery?

Yesterday was a little painful.
Migraine and no sleep.
We got our touring car.
And went to see our friends new bar.
The new (legendary) Maxfish.
After that we had a family dinner.
And I had a sleepover with my american little sister.

Now I gotta take off.
What a life.
Tomorrow the road takes us on.

My fab friend Armando. 
New Maxfish and Ulli. 
Construction site. 

Painted Eyes.
Portrait of me by me taken the other day. 

My location and breakfast.

Oct 28, 2013

Thank you.

I don´t know who you are.
But thank you for showing interest.
I just reached a significant amount of visitors today.
And I would love to see you comment more.
I have tried it before.
But I never hear anything.
But if you want to stay anonymous.
I respect that.

I talked to my mother today.
It had been a while.
Miss her a lot.
Talked to my sister yesterday.
She´s pregnant.
It´s very exciting.
I personally think I will be the coolest auntie ever.
Don´t you?

Also remember to vote for me, blog of the year. 
Or don´t.
I am very honoured to just be nominated.
Still can´t believe it.

I got this for my sisters baby.
Awesome, right? 

I watched the documentary Blackfish yesterday.
Do watch, it´s heartbreaking.
I really wish I one day would be able to work with protecting animals.
Dolphins and orcas.
We need to do something!
We can´t just close our eyes and pretend this cruelty isn´t going on.
Why do we think we own everything on earth?
I wish a species would take over and put some of us in tiny cages.
I´m so angry.

Oct 27, 2013

Long nights, late mornings.

Dog park visit.
Tompkins Square park.
It was Halloween in there.
All the puppies had crazy outfits.
Only in America.
Met up with friends.
People came and went during the night.
We went around town.
Ended up having a little get together at the hotel.
I wen´t to bed at 5am.
Slept forever.
And ever.

Last year I was on tour during Halloween.
We went horseback riding in Montana.
So I only now realized.
Halloween is celebrated for 3 weekends.
Everyone was dressed up yesterday.
Except us.

I wish this would be my studio.
I love the bathroom.
And I know you will have opinions about this picture.
It´s the same as the subject of bikinis vs. underwear.
Why is it wrong being seen in underwear?
But then people walk in the streets of Miami in a bikini.
Would they do it in underwear?
This is probably wrong.
Because I´m in a towel.
Sharing a private moment.
Even if you can´t see more skin than being in a bikini.
I don´t need to explain.
It´s art.

The Perfume bottle

Oct 25, 2013

I wonder if she´d be proud of me?

Today I worked a little bit.
And also got a tattoo for my grand mother.
Her name was Terttu.
Which is the most old school name ever.
My middle name was in her honour.
I´m proud I was able to know her.
But I wish I would have been able to know her as an adult.
Knowing another adult.
I wish I would´ve heard stories about her life.
About losing her husband.
I wish she would´ve been able to share her wisdom.
About adulthood.
I only knew her as a kid.
Knowing her grandmother.
Telling me to take my feet off the living room table.
During her stay for christmas.
Everytime we went over she had these candies.
I hated them.
But I still always had one.
They´ve been around since 1895.
And I´m pretty sure they have never changed the logo.
So here it is.
You eat them too right?

I also had some fun with my camera today.
I love him.

Hard Times

Flashing lights
My view is amazing no matter what time I look out. 

Oct 24, 2013

Autumn light.

Fell asleep 5am yesterday.
It was a fancy fancy charity event.
If you´ve seen Gossip girl.
It was that kind of an event.
I was the only person wearing a beanie.
Everyone and anyone had long beautiful hair.
Amazing dresses and food.
Though crowd.
My highlight was when two models were fake crying on stage.
Begging for money donations.
Then we went to a bar.
Open mic night.
Today I got up early.
And saw my beautiful american sister.
Picked her up from school.
Took her to lunch.
And watched her volley game.
PS. I have not been in cold like this since...
I´m not even sure when.

And shot her in my studio.

Taylors light Taylors nyc light.

Oct 23, 2013

Here I sit.

In my hotel room.
Eating blueberry pancakes.
With a side of bacon. 
My favourite.
I hear sounds of traffic. 
I´m on the 12th floor. 
In a corner room. 
The light in this room is always amazing.
This might be the 5th or 6th time I stay here. 
We did a show on Monday in Brooklyn. 
We had an epic after party.
With a small group of people.
I went to bed at 5am. 
Yesterday I went to my favourite restaurant.
Please go if you have a chance. 
Then I saw a high school volleyball game.
Chilled in Brooklyn.
With my New York family. 
Came back. 
Had a bath.
In darkness.
While watching the view of the city. 
Today there´s a show for a charity. 

Street life
I love leather jacket weather.

Lights and music
The light, the light. 

Oct 21, 2013

The dog makes the flight.
6 hours before me.
I arrange a car service to pick up the dog.
Takes the dog to the hotel.
My friend meets the dog.
Got to love America.
At the hotel.
I made my 5th flight.
After my limbo. 
I'm in NYC.
I had one cider.
It's 3:11am.
I'm falling asleep.

Oct 20, 2013


New york.
My flight was at 3:20pm.
I missed it. 
But Paloma, the dog made it.
I am now at the airport.
In standby limbo.
All flights are fully booked.
Abuelo is with me.
1 flight missed.
1 standby list done.
I was number 10.
Now I'm waiting again.
I'm number 8.
One option more after this.
Otherwise it'll be tomorrow.
Wish me luck.

I had 2 days off. 
I was chilling with my friends.
Made them dinner.
Went to the beach.
Saw a movie.
And tried to be lazy. 

Abuelo at this very moment.
One of my amazing meals. 
My luxury pizza.

Oct 15, 2013

Really? Me?

I can't believe I'm getting recognized.
I have always felt like an outsider.
In the blog world.
I don't call myself a blogger.
I write.
Take pictures. 
And this is my portal.
But now I'm nominated.
Blog of the year. 
On Yle X3M.
I can't believe it.
I'm in the same category with 2 long timers.
Can't compete with that.
Please vote.
For me.
Or the amazing Jeanette.
Or Anne.

You can VOTE HERE. 

I just cancelled the mexico trip.
That was happening today.
4 more days of Miami sunshine.

I should start a "People of Florida" blog.
This dude was walking nowhere near the beach. 
Showing off his tattoo.
"Hi Mom, Here's my new boyfriend".

Oct 14, 2013


I got a new phone.
After the broken one from the accident.
I'm still in pain.
And go to treatment. 
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Mexico is calling.
I don't have a ticket yet.
But it should be on it's way. 
5 days in heat.
And then NYC.
Can't wait for autumn weather. 
It's been one crazy life recently.
It'll be crazier.
Tourlife starts.

Random pics.
Random nights.
Our friends new beer garden.
Miami is still pretty.
I can honestly say that I hate moving.
Sigur Ros.
My friend hooked me up with free tix.
And the band had an interesting afterparty.
Only dubstep.
Amazing shared Japanese dinner the other night.

Oct 8, 2013

A life on the road.

Leaving MIA on Saturday.
Only to return in December.
For a special happening.
Hectic times ahead.
I will document it all.

Oct 7, 2013


Imagine having an office job.
Going to work.
And staying there.
Sleep there.
Eat there.
Brush your teeth there.
Watch a movie there.
The pile of unfinished work.
Always staring at you.
Now you know where I am.
Going to sleep.
In the office.

But I guess your boyfriend can't stay at the office 24/7.
Lucky me.

Oct 2, 2013

Too much beauty makes you blind.

Had a friend from NYC over.
Brought me new energy.
New opportunities.
And good advice.
We´ll see if pursuing them will lead to something.
We all saw a psychic the other day.
She can´t read me.
At all.
I believed in her.
But now she just says same thing every time.
I thought she would lift me up.
A litte bit.
Can I close my eyes now?
And sleep for an entire day?
I need love.

Palm dreams
I´m starting to take all this beauty for granted.
I´m getting used to it .
Friends and clouds. 
80´s mirror
What an 80´s vibe?