Apr 28, 2013

This is my relationship.

If I try to look at my job as an outsider.
It sometimes hard to understand.
It´s not anything you can explain.
"What does an assistant do".
Well I would like to say what does an assistant not do?
There is not a description of what this job should be.
Or what your duties are.
It´s there all the time.
Your job is your life.
Another person is your life.
You sometimes forget about yourself.
You get lost in the job.
A new friend also asked me recently,
what´s the difference between being an assistant and a best friend.
Well in this case.
It´s all the same.
I am all in one.
And we are like a family.
This is the weirdest job at times.
It´s the most exciting job.
The most demanding job.
And so much fun, you would not believe it.
I would not want to do anything else right now.

Today I had a hard time waking up.
I was hungover.
I was tired.
My body was beat up.
I missed myself.
I needed a day where I could say:
"Annika, what do you want to do today?".
At the end of the day it was a good sunday.
I love this day of the week.
I was also thinking a lot about home.
And how I´ve learned to live with the feeling of always missing people.
It´s hard.
But I´m getting used to it.
I came home 30 mins. ago.
And I would love to call someone at home.
And just talk shit.
Unfortunately, every time I am able to be concentrated on a conversation.
When I´m not rushing.
When I´m not stressing.
Is when everyone else is asleep in Finland.

Yesterday at my spot, The Room. 

Then at my other spot. The Radio.
I always go to the same spots,
Around the corner from home.

I always have a craving when I´m hung.
Coke or Dr. Pepper.

This was the best thing today.

We watched standup by Kevin Hart the other day.
I became a fan.
And today all I´ve been saying is:
"Alright, alright, alriiiiiiight"
"You gon learn today!"

Apr 26, 2013


I tried to explain today.
What a "names day" is.
It doesn´t really make any sense, does it?
Today was my grandmothers (RIP).
And my middle names celebration day!
Cheerio to Terttu & Teresa.
I have woken up really early.
And been up to a lot.
Work wise.
I am really missing some Annika time.
Who am I again?
Sometimes I feel like I always have this friend with me.
His name is Stress.
When I forget about him he pokes me in the ribs.
Reminds me that he´s still there.
Happy weekend.
May your weekend be filled with as much sunshine as Florida has been offering me lately.

Shout out to my friend Lina.
She gave me some skype loving yesterday.

My long hair is gone.
And I am not happy. 

I just couldn´t stop staring at this american booty at the pharmacy.
I mean it just confuses me. Waist - ass - waist - ass.
(This picture does not mean to offend anyone)

I walked past a cool barbershop, they tried too hard.

Today was a storage war day.
Walking down memory lane.
Teen years. 

Apr 23, 2013

She said no.

And I was not able to go platinum.
I really wanted too.
So I am kind of bummed out.
I would have had more fun.
Isn´t that what they say?
My hairdresser friend in LA said he would do it.
I guess it would fry my hair.
Well the other hairdresser cut a lot of my hair.
It´s so short now.
I guess that´s what you get for not cutting it for a year.

Next week I´m going to NYC.

Sneak peak to you Helsinki peeps.
You could be the owner of these pieces soon.
Somewhere in Kallio.
I hope you will check it out.
More to be announced soon.
Stars & Stripes & Annikki.
Over and out.

Purple Ice Castle bomber jacket.  

I wanna keep it! Leopard waist jacket. 

Flower print jacket. 

This picture doesn´t give credit to the shirt, it´s bright yellow.
Men´s button up shirt. 

Apr 22, 2013

Sunday. Wait no Monday.

Feels like sunday.
But it´s because I had some alcohol yesterday.
We went out.
I hadn´t had a drink for a week.
My friend was dj´ing.
Long night.
Rough day today.
I am so happy.
Just got amazing news.
Involves my homeland.
Will let you know.
Back to watching Dirty Dancing.
Oh and I´m returning to NYC next week.

I was a part of a real american prom experience.
Or pre-prom. I felt like a big sister.
"How are you getting home?!"
And taking pictures and going "Awwww" and admiring young love.

Thinking about going blonde. 

My friend Atiba from LA came for a quick visit to Miami.
Gave me a pair of socks.
I guess it has become a tradition.

Thrift shopping. I bought SO MUCH STUFF. I wanna keep it all.
But instead it will be available for you. 

I wore my adidas shoes for the second time.
I am not sure about them. 

And today I ate chicken and waffles.
Such an american thing.
There are potato chips in that flavour too. 

Apr 18, 2013

Dolla dolla bill ya´ll.

I have managed to be without a bank card for a week now.
But I am waiting for a new one to arrive.
The whereabouts of this card.
Every morning I wake up wishing.
But no.
Tomorrow´s Friday.
Please mail GODS.
Bring it to me.
I spent my last money on yoga lessons.

Good thing about not having a card.
You don´t:
Spend money.
Drink beer.
Buy cigarettes.
Go out.
Buy junk food.
Do anything fun basically.

Good thing I bought so much food a week ago.
That I still have some.
Positive thinking.

PS. Two people that I know of can´t comment on this turdy blog.
What do I do.

PPS. My day has been so busy.
Running around like a crazy person in 85 degrees.

Yesterday I had a bath.
My body was hurting after two days of yoga.
And long walks with the dogs.  

You can always try to reduce mental fatigue. 


Apr 17, 2013

Who are you?

I feel so lonely here sometimes.
I don´t know you people.
Who reads this.
Why do you read it?
(Shout out to my relatives, I know they read it.)
It´s just lil' ol' me (not that old) blabbering about life.
That shit is private.

PS. I know 15 000 of you have read this and the old blog.
It can´t all be relatives, just sayin´.
"Bitches be like 15 000, I have that in one day"
Well for me, being a newbie blogger, it´s amazing.
Mamma, förlåt för mitt språk.

My logo, you will see it soon somewhere...
By: Viivi Rantanen/Prokofjev

I tried to be cute yesterday, I don´t know if it´s working. 

Apr 16, 2013


I have always had a good eye for thrift shopping.
Recently I have noticed that there is a lot of stuff lying around.
Cool clothes.
That I do not wear.
Just had to buy them because they were awesome.
And while being here I´ve realised the possibilities.
So I guess I can mention now.
That my friend is opening up a vintage store in Helsinki.
And every now and then I´ll send some stuff from the States.
So you better go and check it out in June.
I will probably start up doing it by myself too.
Be on the lookout.

Apr 15, 2013

What to say.

Loving the change of weather.
My card.
Was copied.
Some Julio in Mexico took the freedom of withdrawing about $500 from my account.
He is living la vida loca.
Well I will get the money back.
But still.
Annoys me.
I opened an american bank account now.
Everyone keeps asking me why they can´t hear an accent.
Well, guess this was meant to be.


I need to deal with bureaucracy.

Not even funny, I burned my back badly.
I have been taking care of my health.
Went out with some gay boys on friday.
My friend had got a present from Sweden. No words.


Apr 11, 2013

The Universe...

...always wants to bring me down.
"Annika is too happy again."
So he ponders and wonders. 
What would be the best way to confuse a sensitive foreigner. 
Oh yes. 
Let´s fuck with her bank card. 
No access to money. 
And the time difference makes it tricky too. 
So I cry and I sob.
And wait for an explanation. 
Which I will get tomorrow. 
The annoying thing is that I just got paid. 
Good way to save money. 
I will not let it bring me down. 
Just for a couple of seconds more. 
And done.
This brings me up again:

I can write.

I´ve recently been surrounded by so many inspiring people.
And creative.
And there are possibilities to do whatever we want to do.
Especially one person inspires a lot.
She has this effect on me which makes me think anything is possible.
And it is.

I have a lot of stories to share.
As I said a while back.
Stories from my life.
Secret stories.
Some less secret.
And recently I´ve had the courage to share some of these stories with people.
I got a lot of good feedback.
Actually amazing feedback.
So this all ended up with me meeting a book publisher yesterday for dinner.
He really wanted to read my stuff.
I had some with me when we met up.
I got scared.
Can I do this?
What if it sucks?
What if everyone´s been lying to me?
So we decided that I would send him some stories and he could read it home.
By himself.
I pleaded for him to be honest.
Today I saw I had an email from him.
My heart started beating like never before.
He wrote a lot.
And I almost wanted to cry.
It was all good.

PS. Flew back home to Miami today.

Apr 9, 2013


Is taking me in.
I am falling in love.
With the beauty of this city.
I have been waiting for this day to come.
Recently I have:
Slept late.
Been a part of a photoshoot at the Highline.
Met an amazing friend from home.
Met an old friend from canada.
Made amazing breakfast.
Met amazing people.
Been to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show.
To their afterparty.
Fashion party.
Ugh, me, really?
Maybe go to see Hot Chip.
Another party.
2 days left.
Oh why did I not postpone my flight for just a little bit longer.
Jumping in shower.
Gotta look superficial.
I mean it will be a superficial party.
Where everyone will go:
"What do you do?".

Orchard street, feels like home. 

Standing on a rooftop in Brooklyn.


KAREN O, i adore you.


Apr 3, 2013

Oh Lord.

I´ve been lazy.
I totally forgot.
To be in touch with you.
Dear, blog.
Used to be the word we used.
I will today.