Mar 16, 2013

Now I´m really home.

In the late hour.
And the darkness of my room.
I lay in a comfortable bed.
Not being able to sleep.
It´s 3:30am.
But my body is in 00:30am.

Friends came over to our L.A. house last night.
It was nice.
We sat in our little garden.
But my mind was somewhere else.
There is a situation bothering me.
And I can´t really get a grip of it.
But it is about a person.
That I know.
And I find very intriguing.
But let´s not get too personal here.

I flew with sadness today.
As i normally do when I leave Los Angeles.
There is always a force pulling me back.
Telling me to stick around.
To stay.
Take me forever.

But my airport karma was really good today.
I was on time.
Even though I drove there myself.
And even though I had my boyfriend Abuelo with me.
And I very and extremely rarely get starstruck BUT.
Alexander Skarsgård standing behind me in the coffee line.
Well you can say my knees got a bit weak.
For a moment I felt like I should´ve said:
-"Alexander look"
And showed him my knuckle tattoos: "KÄR-LEK".
Instead I took my coffee and walked away with a smile on my face.
Oh Eric.

So I landed.
Walked through the door.
Looked around.
Took a walk.
Went for a drive.
And came to the consensus that this feels good after 2,5 months.
So here I lay in clean and new sheets.
Hear the snores of my wondrous Abuelo.
And thinking about what tomorrow will bring.
I´ve missed home.
Miami, I am here.
(and so is spring break apparently too OMG YOLO LOL LMAO!!!!)

I´m never going to get sick of this song.
Keep coming back to it.
And back again.
And again.
And then I passed Hollywood forever cemetery many times.
And then I went there.
And I saw a chapel made into a recording studio.
And now I even love this song more.

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Lina said...

Fortsätt blogga. Skönt att kunna hänga med dig.