Jul 14, 2014

Just a thought.

I just realized.
There's a feeling.
I've never thought about before.

The feeling.
When you wake up.
In the middle of the night.
It's early morning.
The sun is about to rise.
You struggle to open your eyes.
The kitchen.
The sink.
Dirty dishes.
All those shoes in the hallway.
Front door.
It takes a while.
To get your thoughts sorted.
Then you remember.
You turn your head.
Look back. 
There he is.
Even if he is turned the other way.
Even if he is snoring.
His presence.
Makes you smile.

That feeling.
Makes me happy.

A lot had happened.
And just enjoying moments.
Been neglecting this place. 
I need to see more words again.

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Anonymous said...

Hej muru! Updatea din blogg ;) H. Hemlig läsare khihihiih