Aug 13, 2014

What can I say?

It´s been a month since I´ve written.
I´m not ashamed.
Well oh maybe a little.
A lot has happened.
As always.
Let´s leave that in the past.
I guess sometimes being sad.
And upset.
Brings out the words I see.
On a piece of paper.
Oh well, now on a bright screen.
It´s true.
Life isn´t just fun and games.
Even if people pretend and want it to be.
It´s always the same old roller coaster.
Constantly on it.
Even if I try to jump off it.
It´s impossible.
It never stops at the bottom.
Or it might stop.
But mine never lets me get off.
I guess I bought a ticket, it says "valid for eternity".
This is a good reminder for me though.
A reminder of who I am.
The overly sensitive soul.

With my deep thoughts.
I wish I could teleport myself now.
Just for 1 hour.
To my pier.
My safe place.
The complete silence.
The nature around me.
My thoughts.
And my complete silence.
But even just closing my eyes.
Takes me back there.
Calms my mind.
Puts a smile on my face.
I have amazing memories.
And even more amazing memories to come.

I need to do this more.
And when you read this.
Don´t ask me what´s wrong.
Just be happy for me.
I found it again.

"I can say I did it all with love"

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new photos??