Jan 19, 2013

LA LA Land.

Suddenly my flight was changed.
I fly out to L.A. tomorrow. 

I´ve spent a birthday 21st of January in: 
-Australia: a town called The town of 1770 (Agnes water) surfing and getting sick. 
-Indonesia: The Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan to be exact. With amazing people and I turned 23 and I did my first and probably last theft. Stole a Pringles can because I couldn´t be bothered to walk up to the counter to pay, and by the way, you can get into major trouble in Indonesia if you get cought. But then again there are no police on the Gili´s. 
-Dubai: at my cousins, and this was year zero. 

Last year when the clock turned 00:00 I was at the Emma music awards with friends from work, the after party to be exact. I had just returned from Thailand.
The next day (my actual birthday) my boyfriend took me out for some beers to a bar called Siltanen, and I was kind of sad because no one of my friends wanted to celebrate with me.
And we walk in and Boom!
It was a surprise party. 
I was so touched, it was the most amazing thing anyone´s ever done for me. 
And by two of the most amazing people I have in my life. 
They forgot to invite my sister though. 

And now I will celebrate with a person who has her birthday the same day. 
And in L.A. 

Lately I´ve noticed that I take a lot of pictures of my feet. And I have amazing shoes.

First visit at Kmart, only been to Walmart. Don´t really know the difference.

Wore my SUPER AWESOME Joel Hallikainen T-shirt.
Turhaa, aivan turhaa.

Had some beer at my favourite bar, The Room.
Dead Guy Ale, I love cool beer bottles.

Chilled with my boyfriend.
 Who´s gonna sleep in my lap in the plane tomorrow.

South Point Park and the beautiful sunsets. 

Abuelo always gets so much attention on our walks. 

I printed about 50 tanks. SUPERWOMAN.

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mitä tossa sun ranteen tatskassa lukee? :)