Jan 10, 2013


I´ve been horrible at updating.
I haven´t been feeling it at all.
I had an amazing time back home.
Met a lot of friends.
They all mean so much to me.
And leaving home now was so hard for me.
Harder than moving away.
And now it´s been a shock being back in Miami.
First day felt like I just wan´t to stay in bed the whole day.
I try to keep myself occupied though.
And rollerskating.
And doing yoga.
So I don´t sink deeper.
Where´s my motivation?

Took my rollerblades with me from home. 

When I got back I had got a xmas card from my dear friend Andrea.
I saw her in Finland. 

Went for a drink to the Broken Shaker when I got back, with my tattooer friend Dean. 

Beach yoga time. By the time it´s done it´s already dark outside. 

Went for a run this morning on the beach. Yuk. 

Jogging is not really my thing. 

Took a selfie and that´s about it. 

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