Jan 14, 2013

This awesome life.

Everyone is always like "woah moving to the US is so awesome".
That´s probably what I would say to someone in my position too. 
If I would be stuck in Helsinki still. 
The truth is at this moment it´s been really rough. 
Some days I´ve felt like I don´t even want to get up from bed. 
I guess I´m so emotional. 
Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn´t have went home for a visit. 
It made me miss my old surroundings a lot. 
Being surrounded by people I love. 
I try to think that if I would stay in Finland for longer it would get boring again. 
I guess I kind of miss routines. 
I try to think positive. 
And think that this is just a phase.
Which I know it is. 
And I´ve heard this is a normal thing that happens to people who move away. 
The first visit is the hardest. 

The Ocean, The Sky and random tourists.

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