Jan 18, 2014


I have so much say.
And yet nothing.
So much going on in my head.
It´s overwhelming.
I miss someone a lot.
I went out on thursday.
One of those really random nights.
I needed to dance.
So that is what I did.
At a place called Rec room.
My friend was djing.
Then we danced some more in another place.
Yesterday was a rough day.
And today still a little tired.
I am brown haired now.
And in a hurry to go over to a mansion.
And eat meatballs.

I am trying to set up my etsy.
It´s so much work.

This is very I will stuff my face with meatballs.
So pretty.

My cuties today.
Last night they cuddled me so much I could not move.

My tour dad Wayne is in Miami to record an artist.

Sometimes I wish someone would model for me when I see things I wanna capture.
And surroundings.
But sometimes I´m the only one around.
And today I am all black.

1 comment:

sof said...

girl, what u said happend to you, that about so much things u been having, man, i imagine that.... i was noticyng that on your posts. just because u have a lot of personality haha , i dont know.
Your pictures are so like, very expensive visual thing. i dont know, i like them so much.

Let me say. i would totally would buy in ur etsy shop :)