Jan 24, 2014

My feelings can´t show.

I have been distant.
I am sitting here.
Just took the dogs out.
Listening to my friend Willis Earl Beals new album.
That he sent to me by email.
And commanded me to leak.
You really should listen.
His voice is magical.
He is an amazing person.
And he already is known.
But I do think he will grow to be even bigger.
Here´s the link. 
A place that doesn´t exist, is the album.
And my feelings can´t show is on repeat now.

My birthday happened.
Birthdays are always weird for me.
But this one felt so great.
Like 26 will be the most amazing year.
That´s how I felt.
I´m coming to life.
I got dressed up like a lady.
And had a fancy dinner.
And got filled with sake.
And got a little drunk.
And didn´t have my wallet the next day.
So it´s gone.
But you know what.
I won´t let that bring me down.
Things will sort themselves out.

Big changes are coming my way.
And that is also why I haven´t opened up my Etsy yet.
That has to wait for a while.

And I have a ticket to go to Guatemala.
Feb 1st.
Meeting up with a beautiful human being.
And exploring the wilderness.

My birthday fancy lady look. 

My birthday cake Nobu style.
And thanks to my friend Aiko who´s the manager I eat like a queen.
Spoiled queen. 

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