Mar 29, 2014


The time came.
I had to sit down and plan the future.
I bought some flights.
I am returning home.
After escaping so long.
After 8 months of not seeing my loved ones.
It´s time.
I am scared.
To go back.
I am scared of having to deal with my life.
Having to deal with the next step in my life.
I wish someone could do it for me.
And tell me what I should do.
Where I should go.
I am a wanderer.
I can´t sit still.
I need adventures.
I know everything is going to work out.
I have been a bit upset the last days.
New people entered my life.
New amazing friends.
You create feelings.
And then it´s time for goodbyes.
Nothing here is permanent.

Sunsets on rooftops.
My heart will hurt when I leave him behind.
He has given and received so much love, I wish I could bring him home.
Pic by my friend Samuel. 

Don´t do canoe trips alone.
When it´s windy.
You might feel helpless.

Blurry FB picture.
But oh so pretty.
By Samuel. 

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