Mar 3, 2014

All day, everyday.

There´s not much happening.
I am so chill.
And I have ended up staying in Belize.
For longer than expected.
I have started volunteering at the hostel.
I love this place.
I live for free.
In exchange for some dish washing.
Easy living.
I also started a process.
The writing process.
For my thesis.
So I can finalise my bachelors degree.
It´s hard though.
To decide to sit indoors and write on the computer.
When you look outside.
And see palm trees.
The ocean.
Blue skies.
Am I really complaining?
Natural days with new details. 

My messy room, this picture is before I cleaned. 

The view from my room, the ocean. 

My two new babies. 

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so said...

hey annika u speak spanish? I see ur pictures and just wanna go to the beach. Hope u feel better . Writting coud be amazing.. what u studying?
Maybe ill do a blog with my little texts. Later!