Apr 29, 2014

An ode to sauna.

You walk in.
You´re bare.
Your skin glitters.
Sweat drops push through your skin.
Until they drip.
You breathe out.
Hot air.
You scratch your skin.
And dead skin gets stuck under your fingernails.
You start to feel the heat.
Water on the stove.
More heat.
You can´t take it anymore.
The cleanse is done.
The process is over.
You walk out.
Open the window.
Your body releases heat.
It looks like smoke.
You look through the window.
The freshest breathe of air you´ve ever felt.
The smell of nature.
You see the ocean.
You hear the birds.
Soon you´ll take the leap.
The leap for the ocean.
I´ve been dirty for too long.

1 comment:

Mikael Tuhkunen said...

Beautiful ode for the sauna ...my companion most of the nights .... terve löyly terve lämmin :-)
//Mika Tuhkunen