Apr 5, 2014

Home coming.

I´m so restless today.
Feeling like it´s time to make a move.
I´m really scared too.
And maybe a bit upset.
I´m scared about going home.
I keep thinking that I have been away so long.
That I don´t fit in the picture anymore.
I sometimes feel like I have been away so long.
People just forget about me.
And I´m not a part of their lives anymore.
And when I´m back they´re not going to remember that I´m there.
What is my role in the big picture.
Will I find my place?
Makes me sad.
I am regretting not going to Honduras.
And Nicaragua.
I will return.

Yesterday morning was all yellow. 

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Anonymous said...

Kyllä sä tänne joukkoon mahut:) -Tanna