Apr 22, 2014


I have been home.
Almost a week. 
It amazing.
It's beautiful.
And yet I am struggling.
After living 2 years away.
I feel like I have to find my role again.
Where should I live?
Who should I see?
What should I do?
It's made me so restless.
My recent years have made me restless.
I need a base.
I want to slow down. 
I think it's here.
My mind is scattered. 
And I'm completly lost. 
No one else around me is. 
And I feel so alone. 
Can you take my hand?
And lead the way.
I'd love to have a navigator.
To guide me through life.

I have missed all of this.

1 comment:

Elleni said...

Story of my Life ^_^ I feel at home everywhere and nowhere. Tsemppiä sinne. Suomen kesä on pian, ja se on aika kiva ;)