Apr 11, 2014

Final days.

My time here on the island is coming to an end.
I can´t believe it.
Feels sad.
But also very good.
I am excited.
Miami for a day.
And then back home.
It´s been forever.
Last time was in august.

Right now we have the coolest lady staying with us.
She made us lasagne.
She´s 72.
And has had an exciting life.
Tough life.
Has kids.
Who cheated and got someone pregnant.
After 19 years of marriage.
And 5 kids.
She lost a son, who was 26.
She had a blood clot.
She had cancer.
She´s been healthy for 3 years now.
She sold everything she had.
Because she was bored of sitting alone at home.
And now she´s been in Belize for 7 months.
She inspires me.
And I´m happy I can have adult conversations with her.
I never got to do that with my grandparents.

Paradise continued.

Someone left their glasses behind, now they´re mine.

Jezih showed me how to catch small fish during sunset last night.

Luna, the hostel dog was in heat for 2 weeks.
And all the island dogs were here every night driving us crazy.
It´s finally over.

My old den.
I sleep in another little cottage now.


Ella said...

Hi!! Thought I'd post a comment because it must be nice to get comments once in a while! I really love your blog it's inspired me to get up and go travelling again. I'm leaving for South America at the end of the month and I'm so excited. Your photos are so so beautiful. Don't stop! :) :)

Annika said...

Hi Ella!
Thanks for the comment! South America, wow lucky you! It´s amazing, definitely gonna return to central and south america at some point <3 enjoy!