Feb 26, 2014

It feels like Sunday everyday.

I guess boredom took over a little bit.
So I arranged a pizza night at the hostel.
15 signed up.
And we made 9 pizzas.
Was fun.
Felt good to get a great communal feeling.
And the owners loved it.
I´m just stuck here.
But it´s ok.
I´m not in a rush to go anywhere.
Always this guilt.
Need to get over it.
I was awake until 5am.
I met a new friend.
From my home country.
And we sat up all night.
Talking about life in Finland.
Food in Finland.
My life.
His life.
Struggles of life.
But the consensus was.
Life is amazing.
I repeated (as I now do a lot),
out loud to remind myself:

"It´s the 25th of February.
It´s 11pm.
I don´t have a job.
I am in Belize.
It is a paradise.
Life is good"

I just have to keep reminding myself.
I guess I miss home.
In a different way than I have ever missed it.
New amazing things are coming my way.
I am feeling excited.
The world is my oyster.
But it´s true.

My daily surroundings.

I went sailing.
And snorkeling.
And felt the breeze that I had missed.
I am in my element out on the ocean.

My room, with the sunset, ocean view.

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