Mar 13, 2013


Or home.
What is my home.
I am a gypsy.
Anyways I am in L.A.
The promised land.
My home?
Leaving Friday to really go home.
To Miami.
Haven´t been there in ages.
And apparently spring break is on over there.
I am staying in Los Angeles in this beautiful house.
I wanna live here.
Maybe soon.
My body is totally exhausted from the jet lag.
I slept until 2:30 pm.
And my flight experience was horrible.
Sat in the MIDDLE SEAT.
I always have isle.

My karma was just off yesterday.
Here we go.

I had 2 suitcases at the airport.
I couldn´t pay cash.
My card didn´t work.
I cried.
And the lady let me go.
I saved $270.

Then the system crashed when I was standing going through the customs.
And got stuck talking to the customs guy for about 20 minutes.
I am scared of them.
Try to be relaxed.

Then I got my car.
And we we´re going for dinner.
And I back up from the drive way of the house.
And back up into a Mercedes.
My white car was more damaged.
I left a note and it´s all covered so I´m good.
But felt so stupid.
But the person was super nice.
Texted me this morning:
"I admire your honesty, I do appreciate it...
Again thank you for your kind heart, god bless"

My La La Land.

The most used phrase at the moment. 


Our LA garden.

Night cap with limes from the garden. 

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