Mar 25, 2013


I am tired.
A lot has been going on.
Seing myself work through the eyes of others.
Makes me think.
I´ve gotten really good at this.
And I don´t think many would be able to do this.
Or to even understand it.
I can´t even explain it.
It needs to be experienced.

So looks like I am going to New York.
Next week.
For about 4 days.
It will be cold.
And fun.

I was asked to be involved in this thing.
That I have been thinking about myself for a long time.
And I am so happy if this really happens as planned.
And I am so happy that I was asked.
How come life always surprises when you least expect it.
More on that later.
But you will be excited too.
God natt.

My work space today, the organised mess - I call it.

We watched Forrest Gump the other day, for the 10th time or something.
I mentioned hearing there is a company called Bubba Gump.
I google it and there´s a restaurant 10 mins from my house.
IT WAS weird, touristy, busy, crazy but SO AMAZING.

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