Mar 28, 2013


I found something to get obsessed about.
Ice hockey.
Florida Panthers.
Wen´t to see a game.
It was amazing.
They won 5-4.
Had a shoot off and everything.
Erik Gudbranson is my favourite player.
Oh those canadians.

I´ve been hungover the whole day.
My friend came back to town last night.
Was sad.
Needed comforting.
And beer.
And tequila.
And karaoke.
Fell asleept at 6:30am.
I guess.

What else.
Well I´ve been doing all touristy things.
And it´s been so much fun.
Saw the Everglades.
And alligators.
Did you know that Florida has both alligators and crocs.
Now you do.
And here to bore you more.
Tourist pics:

My sister had her birthday. I miss her. I guess I got the years wrong. 

Coral Gables and the Giant (good band name?)

Venetian Pool, so beautiful.


Frank Ocean - Lost 

Cheerio and goodnight. 

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