Mar 19, 2013


My friend.
Well he decided to unexpectedly join me a couple of days ago. 
I thought he would just stick around for a day but he decided to extend his stay. 
So last night he would not let me go to sleep until 6:30am. 
It wasn´t all that fun. 
At 9am I had an appointment at the vet. 
No, not me but my boyfriend Abuelo.
Came home and noticed Insomnia had left me. 
Without goodbyes.
But he had left parting gifts, friendly as he is. 
I wen´t back to bed and slept the whole day.
With my two new friends. 
Swollen throat and hardcore aching body. 
Yes, there is a difference between just an aching body and a hardcore one. 
This always happens to me when I get off tour. 
My body turns into a party and everyone´s invited. 

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