Mar 23, 2013


I´m tired.
My head is throbbing.
A whole day of hangover.
And I got one step closer to skin cancer.
I burned my back sleeping in the sun.
And so did my brother too.
What have I been doing.
Took my brother & gf to my favourite miami bars yesterday.
The Room & The Radio.
They got tired.
Wen´t home.
I stayed all night.
You never say no to free tequilas, right?
Wen´t to bed at 5am.
With my boyfriend Abuelo.
Who also seemed to be suffering with me.

Today wen´t to the beach.
Took them to my favourite takeaway Joe´s stone crabs.
Watched Forest Gump.
Which I realised might be one of the best movies all time.
Then we went for a bike ride.
The wonders of Miami beach.
Then my tattoo artist wanted me to go over to the shop.
Lovehate tattoo (yes it´s the Miami Ink shop).
So I wen´t there.
Hanged out for a bit.
And talked about life in general.
And Sweet Brown (youtube if you don´t know it).
They had a quiet night and were bored.
They live the same kind of life.
All over the place.

I have missed a lot of people today.
And I have missed home.
Now I´m on my computer working.
Like a normal person does.
At 11.45pm.

I should not take people shopping. I might end up buying shoes like these.

He is just such a character.

In my hungoverness,
I was laughing at the pumped people you see on the beach.

MEXICAN COKE, thank you for trying to save my day.

"Jenny, I might not be a smart man but I know what love is."
This is a quote that was used a lot in Australia. 

My SoBe.

Ride or die.

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Elleni said...

Ihanat kengät!! IHANIN koira <3 Ihanaa, et sulla kävi perhettä moikkaamassa vähän! Ja Forrest Gump o n maailman ihanin elokuva <3

Peace. -E- ^_^