Mar 18, 2013

Ultra it was.

I probably forgot to mention that Deadmau5 and Kat Von D was on my flight.
From LAX to MIA.
So immediately I thought,
"Why are they going to Miami".
Well my research showed me the fact that there is/was a two weekend festival.
Called Ultra Music Festival.
Oh my.
So my friend who has this smog machine company hooked me up with a ticket.
Of course I missed Faithless, Yeasayer, Fatboy Slim and all those others I wanted to see.
But I accidentally became friends with Crystal Castles.
Awesome people.
Their show was on friday.
I missed it.
There´s always next weekend.
Crazy nights.
Crazy people.
Crazy party.
I´m in Miami bitch.

He took so long to pick me up that I missed Yeasayer.


Cascade had some insane pyro.

And my favourite Crystal Castles song.

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