Aug 7, 2013

Bye Bye.

I wanna come back.
I had some whiskey.
And some of us got convinced.
To see some nightlife.
It was fun.
I was unsociable.
I can't be bothered to talk.
To strangers.
I am tired.
I also feel bad.
And the inside gang is easy to talk to.
I don't want to explain same things.
Over and over.
Shit gets old. 
If you always work.
When there's time off.
Do you wanna talk about work?
I loose interest.
All of a sudden I'm the icequeen. 
But I smile inside.
They keep telling me.
I have a smile they haven't seen before.
Someone invaded my mind.
And I don't even mind.

Elephants invaded too.
For some reason they are mentioned around me a lot.
It all started with a dream.

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