Aug 13, 2013

Right now.

On my sandy towel.
Burying my feet deep in the sand.
Eventhough my music is blasting.
In my headphones.
I can hear the ocean.
I look up.
I'm almost blinded.
It's the most turqoise color you've ever seen. 
I see oily skin.
It's the scene.
They wanna show off. 
I am letting myself relax.
I'm trying to push certain things off my mind.
I am being me.
Washed Out.
The band.
Released a new album today. 
He is having a private concert.
In my ear. 
And I wish everyone else here could hear this. 
Makes me happy.
I am getting up.
6 steps and it will take me in.
I'm going into the massive waves.

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