Aug 1, 2013


I've been home for 2 days.
It's wonderful.
So this is how rest feels like.
I've been jetlagged.
Falling asleep early.
Waking up even earlier.
But it's good.
My sleeping routine is usually so bad.
Staying up until early mornings.
I have also been like a different person.
Not even feeling like seeing people.
Cooking by myself.
Going out for early walks.
Working out.
I guess I sometimes want to feel like
a "normal" person. 
Whatever that is. 
I have no clue.
I'm happy.
I think I'm in a really good place.
In 2 days flying away again.

7:30am walks.
Biking to the beach. 
My beach.
And loving from my BF.

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