Aug 21, 2013

I will move.

Home again.
Feels weird.
L.A. feels like home.
Was so good to be there. 
I hope I'll move soon.
I got a lot of new friends again.
And met a lot of old friends.
Feeling inspired.
I cut my hair.
And got tattooed.
I'm like a new woman.

I ran into Lady Gaga at the hotel.
I was introduced to Kristen Stewart. 
It's a small town.

Meditating under the full moon.
My friend Adrian.
He redid my hair do. 
He's amazing.
One night.
There was a penthouse party.
We danced and admired the view.
West Hollywood.
Visited Levi's showroom.
Got some free gear.
Wen't to Fairfax Flea.
Always cool.


Anonymous said...

where do you put your dogs when you are on tour?

Annika said...

A friend takes care of them :)