Aug 6, 2013

We out here.

After 4 days of rest.
(Which was sort of also work.)
She was working.
Once again.
On the road.
Miami to Chicago.
2 days.
Then she flew for 10 hours.
Ended up in Copenhagen.
Found herself wandering the streets of Christiania.
Smelling the scent of a certain herb as she strolled around. 
Stoll turned into hang at a beach.
Turned into a beer.
Turned into Tequila.
Turned into Tequilas.
And finally.
A very comfortable bed.
Midnight turned into 3am.
And her body was confused.
The jetlag that never left during the 4 days.
Had returned stronger than ever.

Lollapalooza posse.
We wear black.
Fly outfit. Also FLY outfit.
Dig & Mig i Danmark. 
I have someone special in mind.

1 comment:

malloh said...

Jag tycker mycket om din blogg Annika. Skönt med så korta beskrivningar och plats att läsa mellan raderna. Om man kan :)