Sep 13, 2013

It's not easy.

My body is in pain.
My heart is in pain.
A longing for something you don't have.
I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
And the search gets me tired.
Adulthood gets me tired. 
I need to accomplish something.
I want to make a mark. 
I want to be happy. 
And keep the cart in the roller coaster more up there.
Where you can see the view.
The big picture.
The low point doesn't really give me butterflies in my tummy. 

It's almost 4am.
I thought our relationship was over.

I got myself out of the house today. 
And bought myself the same helmet I have in Finland.
Golden though.
I thought about one of my favourite songs/music videos.
Best Coast - Our deal
I was intrigued by Elvis. 
He was a mix of so many nationalities.
Is that the explanation of his overly handsome features.
I looked at my yukky knee.
Getting better.
I am staring at the wall now.

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