Sep 17, 2013

He is back.

And when I say he.
I mean my camera. 
I made the decision of taking out my camera. 
I have only been using my polaroid cameras recently. 
And I love them. 
So much. 
But I have my amazing Nikon SLR. 
And I need to be affectionate with my baby again. 
I just looked through some old pics on it. 
We need to be better friends. 

This is last year.
When Paloma was new to the family. 

This is a couple of days ago. 

This is today in Wynwood.
Just a random lonely warehouse.

This picture is by Nico Turner.
It´s a festival in Texas.
I´m happy.
Of Monsters and Men in the background.

1 comment:

Maria R said...

Du ser bra ut!! Glad och fin.
H, Maria