Sep 16, 2013

I´m bored.

Sometimes I wish I could update while I´m out walking the dogs.
Or when I wake up in the middle of the night.
Or right when I wake up and don´t feel like moving.
But I guess those are the moments where you don´t wan´t to touch technology.
Now I´m kind of empty.
Have nothing deep to say.
Actually a lot but won´t share it here.

I had an all out weekend.
My knee and my other injuries are better.
I feel stronger.
I had my rest.
Ate my shitty food.
Got bored.
And wanted to see some people.
So I crossed the bridge (Miami Beach to Miami Mainland).
Which I rarely do.
I am pretty convenient and usually stay in my little area.
I went to a cool place I´ve been to before.
3 bands were playing and 1 was amazing.
The Goddamn hustle.
I came home at 5am.
I guess.
And I was so hungover the next day.
I was not able to move.
I threw up at 9pm.
I felt old and worn.
Alcohol is not really my thing anymore.
I can´t deal with the sickness.
And the mental lows.
But I had fun.
Yesterday was fun too.
I have found my new dance partner.
We went to a sunday jam.
Called "Chocolate Sundays".
Great party.
Only hiphop music.
And me and her took over.
Danced probably 5 hours.
So I was not hungover tonight.

I was so happy to fix up and look sharp.
After many days in bed feeling miserable.
Monki dress.
Vagabond shoes.
From Finland.
And slickback is my new thing. 

I crossed the bridge. 

I ate ice for dessert.
I´m not sure what to say. 

On sunday I have my favourite brunch drink.
Bloody Mary.
At my nearest cheesy diner, Big Pink.  

Today I was wifey.
I made some stew.
I can´t explain the satisfaction of making a good.
It´s all about appearance.

My dinner company was pretty awesome. 

I have never had spam.
I bought it.
Didn´t try it yet. 


Sab said...

Älskar ditt hår!

mara said...

i feel you med dina krapulan... d e bara int värt det :(