Sep 23, 2013

I ain´t no housewife.

I am longing for adventure.
There are amazing ideas brewing.

I just looked out the window.
And my whole process was interrupted.
There is a maintenance guy.
He can see straight in.
He is talking spanish to someone.
And cutting palm trees.

It´s Monday today.
To be exact.
I´ve been to Wynwood today.

On friday there was an anniversary party.
At Vagabond.
It was cool.
We also went to another bar called Will Call.
The bouncer was a douche.
He wouldn´t let me wear my hat.
Eventhough I saw other people wear hats.
So I went home.

Saturday I had tacos.
At a place called Lime.
Then I saw the Steve Jobs movie.
What an inspiration.
And Ashton Kutsher was amazing.

Yesterday I layed low.
Went to the beach for a couple of hours.
And people watched on ocean drive until the rain came.

All photos now taken with my Nikon.

Friday night 90´s. 
My Boyfriend looking funny. 
Beach life on Sunday.
black and colour
Wearing my awesome Nike ID´s. 
Planes and shoes
Shoes and airplanes. 


Marian said...

Wow, lovely words!Amazing photos as well. You sure sound like you're living the life ;)

Annika said...

haha thank you.
"Living the life", I am waiting for that feeling.