Dec 22, 2013


To being at home.
Surrounded by family.
Life in general.

I started arranging everything I have today.
I would say that´s is about 6 huge suitcases in total.
I got so overwhelmed.
I don´t have anywhere to put anything.
I got anxious.
And started having difficulties breathing.
I should get rid of a lot.

I have been so uncomfortable in my own mind.
Feeling like I don´t know what to do with myself.
I call it "post-tour depression".
My family is here.
And I love it.
They are helping me in the process but it´s hard.
My mind is scattered.
In 3 days I´ll be in Mexico.
That should do it.

I bought a bunch of new work out clothes.
Tomorrow I´m gonna try to heal my mind.
Yoga at 7am on the beach during sunrise.

I haven´t done instagram in 2, almost 3 days.
Something is definitely wrong.
I lost my favourite pair of sunnies somewhere on the road.
They were cheap, from a thrift store in australia and mirrored.
And I once thought "Oh damn if I ever loose these".
One second I had them, the other I didn´t.
No one saw or knew anything.
So a sunglass shop convinced me to buy expensive foldable Ray-Bans.
I have a weakness for good sellers. 

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Sab said...

Snygging! <3 Härligt hår