Dec 30, 2013

People watching.

Is what I´ve been doing recently.
Love sitting and absorbing everything I see. 
Sometimes take out my camera and just wait. 
Until I see a moment. 
The moment. 
I want to capture things in my surrounding. 
That other people take for granted. 
Or simply just do not see until I show them. 
I´m relaxed. 
And I got drunk yesterday. 
On tequila and margaritas. 
With my two women in Tulum.

P.S. I´m building my own website.
Stay tuned. 

Yet again, an umbrella.

I have unintentionally created a series called Loneliness.
I guess I just needed to express how I felt once and I like the idea now.

Clouds have been a theme in my recent pictures.
I love this moment.

1 comment:

s. said...

I wonder how there is so much beauty around. I love the colors in your moments. its great to could tell you.