Dec 11, 2013


I´m in Dallas.
Yesterday was pretty epic.
We went to see a runway show by Chanel.
My first ever fashion show.
I didn´t know what to think.
It was all inspired by Texas.
Pretty amazing.
As I am a fan of stars and stripes.
First there was a movie about Coco Chanel.
There was probably 40 old school american cars.
The runway show was built like an old barn.
Very american.
The whole after party was like an old country bar.
With line dancing.
We sat in the same table as.
Kristen Stewart.
Zoey Kravitz.
Dakota Fanning.
Lovely girls.
Even Karl Lagerfeld was there.
Amazing to see such a living legend.
Hot Chip performed.
And we said hi to their production manager.
Who we once had wine with in his hotel room in Brooklyn.
Very random.
I am very exhausted today.
And sad.
The dog chewed my shoes.
And did other damage.
And we have a show tonight.
Tomorrow we go to Houston.
5 shows.
And then it´s holiday time.

Also they published a photo I took of Nico.
In the Dallas Observer. 
They misquoted her.
So not the best article.

I hope life takes me where I´m supposed to go.
Don´t we all hope for that?
I guess so.

My love.
I have a thing for cars, have you noticed?
We passed a lot of abandoned and weird towns.
Buildings falling apart.
Abandoned gas stations.
Trailer houses.
So sad yet so aesthetically inspiring. 
And portraits in amazing scenery. 
Open road.
Amazing roads. 
Flowers of sun.

Drive in viewing of the Coco Chanel movie by Karl Lagerfeld.
More shiny amazing cars.

Some random Chanel Cowboys, I had too.
And I had to wear my dirty overly worn Chanel gloves hah.
And finally... KARL!

Stars and stripes, all the way.

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sofi said...

they misquoted her in the whole interview? i read it it wasnt bad i think.

when the year begin to end its such hard times. but it pass thanks god!