Dec 8, 2013


This place is so creepy.
So creepy.
So creepy.
And it´s cold.
And there´s snow.
Heading towards Dallas.
Tonight or maybe tomorrow.
In the morning.
I haven´t been abducted yet.

I got an email today from a reader.
Made me really happy.
It´s fun to get some response.
And to actually have connection.
She said I inspire her.
But she inspired me.
To do even better.
And to be even better.
And to aim higher.
So thank you Johanna.
Life always takes you on the right path.
You just have to start feeling it.
And recognising it.
And taking it.

Me and Nico have been having deep conversations about life.
The past days.
There´s a lot I wonder about.
That I don´t understand.
Being a grown up.
All is very confusing to me.
I observe people around me.
It all seems so easy for them.
Why is that?
I guess the perception of happiness is blurry.
For me it´s something completely different.
Than for you.
Maybe I am still searching.
If you have it.
Please present it to me.
I would prefer a Powerpoint presentation.

Some pictures to share what I´ve seen with you.
Dear people.
Twin Peaks.
My mountain.
My mountain, clearly. 
I bought a tripod, I left mine in Miami for some reason. 
My cars.
My love for old cars. One day I´ll have one.
Silverlake streets.
This was in Silverlake, Los Angeles. 
Me and my forever swollen cheek in the desert.
(Don´t bike while intoxicated)
Arizona desert. 
Or is it?
Now finally, who will publish my pictures? 


sofía said...

hi annika, ive been reading you all night. just found your blog. and let me say that you are an inspiring person. see all your work,inspiring. Gives me a lot of strength to keep on workin on my stuff. Your life makes me dream a lot.
you really know how to describe the escence of things when you write, nice reading ive made.
please keep on shearing, its wonderful to read and see all of you. tecnology is hope here. Best wishes and lot of love from me! <argentinians are weird, i know, but we love you -too much-.

Annika said...

Hi Sofia,
Thank you so much for you feedback.
And I´m happy someone finds it inspiring, I didm´t even think it was possible.

You inspire me with your comments so thank you so much!

<3 Love from Dallas.