Apr 9, 2013


Is taking me in.
I am falling in love.
With the beauty of this city.
I have been waiting for this day to come.
Recently I have:
Slept late.
Been a part of a photoshoot at the Highline.
Met an amazing friend from home.
Met an old friend from canada.
Made amazing breakfast.
Met amazing people.
Been to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show.
To their afterparty.
Fashion party.
Ugh, me, really?
Maybe go to see Hot Chip.
Another party.
2 days left.
Oh why did I not postpone my flight for just a little bit longer.
Jumping in shower.
Gotta look superficial.
I mean it will be a superficial party.
Where everyone will go:
"What do you do?".

Orchard street, feels like home. 

Standing on a rooftop in Brooklyn.


KAREN O, i adore you.


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