Apr 11, 2013

I can write.

I´ve recently been surrounded by so many inspiring people.
And creative.
And there are possibilities to do whatever we want to do.
Especially one person inspires a lot.
She has this effect on me which makes me think anything is possible.
And it is.

I have a lot of stories to share.
As I said a while back.
Stories from my life.
Secret stories.
Some less secret.
And recently I´ve had the courage to share some of these stories with people.
I got a lot of good feedback.
Actually amazing feedback.
So this all ended up with me meeting a book publisher yesterday for dinner.
He really wanted to read my stuff.
I had some with me when we met up.
I got scared.
Can I do this?
What if it sucks?
What if everyone´s been lying to me?
So we decided that I would send him some stories and he could read it home.
By himself.
I pleaded for him to be honest.
Today I saw I had an email from him.
My heart started beating like never before.
He wrote a lot.
And I almost wanted to cry.
It was all good.

PS. Flew back home to Miami today.

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