Apr 22, 2013

Sunday. Wait no Monday.

Feels like sunday.
But it´s because I had some alcohol yesterday.
We went out.
I hadn´t had a drink for a week.
My friend was dj´ing.
Long night.
Rough day today.
I am so happy.
Just got amazing news.
Involves my homeland.
Will let you know.
Back to watching Dirty Dancing.
Oh and I´m returning to NYC next week.

I was a part of a real american prom experience.
Or pre-prom. I felt like a big sister.
"How are you getting home?!"
And taking pictures and going "Awwww" and admiring young love.

Thinking about going blonde. 

My friend Atiba from LA came for a quick visit to Miami.
Gave me a pair of socks.
I guess it has become a tradition.

Thrift shopping. I bought SO MUCH STUFF. I wanna keep it all.
But instead it will be available for you. 

I wore my adidas shoes for the second time.
I am not sure about them. 

And today I ate chicken and waffles.
Such an american thing.
There are potato chips in that flavour too. 

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