Apr 28, 2013

This is my relationship.

If I try to look at my job as an outsider.
It sometimes hard to understand.
It´s not anything you can explain.
"What does an assistant do".
Well I would like to say what does an assistant not do?
There is not a description of what this job should be.
Or what your duties are.
It´s there all the time.
Your job is your life.
Another person is your life.
You sometimes forget about yourself.
You get lost in the job.
A new friend also asked me recently,
what´s the difference between being an assistant and a best friend.
Well in this case.
It´s all the same.
I am all in one.
And we are like a family.
This is the weirdest job at times.
It´s the most exciting job.
The most demanding job.
And so much fun, you would not believe it.
I would not want to do anything else right now.

Today I had a hard time waking up.
I was hungover.
I was tired.
My body was beat up.
I missed myself.
I needed a day where I could say:
"Annika, what do you want to do today?".
At the end of the day it was a good sunday.
I love this day of the week.
I was also thinking a lot about home.
And how I´ve learned to live with the feeling of always missing people.
It´s hard.
But I´m getting used to it.
I came home 30 mins. ago.
And I would love to call someone at home.
And just talk shit.
Unfortunately, every time I am able to be concentrated on a conversation.
When I´m not rushing.
When I´m not stressing.
Is when everyone else is asleep in Finland.

Yesterday at my spot, The Room. 

Then at my other spot. The Radio.
I always go to the same spots,
Around the corner from home.

I always have a craving when I´m hung.
Coke or Dr. Pepper.

This was the best thing today.

We watched standup by Kevin Hart the other day.
I became a fan.
And today all I´ve been saying is:
"Alright, alright, alriiiiiiight"
"You gon learn today!"

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