Apr 17, 2013

Who are you?

I feel so lonely here sometimes.
I don´t know you people.
Who reads this.
Why do you read it?
(Shout out to my relatives, I know they read it.)
It´s just lil' ol' me (not that old) blabbering about life.
That shit is private.

PS. I know 15 000 of you have read this and the old blog.
It can´t all be relatives, just sayin´.
"Bitches be like 15 000, I have that in one day"
Well for me, being a newbie blogger, it´s amazing.
Mamma, förlåt för mitt språk.

My logo, you will see it soon somewhere...
By: Viivi Rantanen/Prokofjev

I tried to be cute yesterday, I don´t know if it´s working. 


Andrea said...

En icke-släkting anmäler sig!

anna said...

luen, koska oot cat powerin assari ja elät elämää mistä mä unelmoin hah! oon ollu cat powerin suuri fani jostain 14-vuotiaasta asti niiin olihan se aika kiva uutinen ku sain tietää et chanilla on suomalainen assari :)

Anonymous said...

cause you are so so good lucking

Anonymous said...

Kusinen här, hej :)

Maria R said...

Och vänner som saknar dej och vill följa med va du håller på med!