Apr 26, 2013


I tried to explain today.
What a "names day" is.
It doesn´t really make any sense, does it?
Today was my grandmothers (RIP).
And my middle names celebration day!
Cheerio to Terttu & Teresa.
I have woken up really early.
And been up to a lot.
Work wise.
I am really missing some Annika time.
Who am I again?
Sometimes I feel like I always have this friend with me.
His name is Stress.
When I forget about him he pokes me in the ribs.
Reminds me that he´s still there.
Happy weekend.
May your weekend be filled with as much sunshine as Florida has been offering me lately.

Shout out to my friend Lina.
She gave me some skype loving yesterday.

My long hair is gone.
And I am not happy. 

I just couldn´t stop staring at this american booty at the pharmacy.
I mean it just confuses me. Waist - ass - waist - ass.
(This picture does not mean to offend anyone)

I walked past a cool barbershop, they tried too hard.

Today was a storage war day.
Walking down memory lane.
Teen years. 

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Anonymous said...

that ass is unreal