May 13, 2013

Back at the base.

Have I returned to the promised sunshine state.
The flight was all pain.
9 hours.
Landed and the line for passport control was insane.
Took me 1,5 hour.
Now I have been up way too long.
Jet-Lag, hello!
Earlier I took my bike.
Went to my main diner.
The cuban Puerto Sagua.
The vibe and the food in that place.
So homie.
Now I´m so tired.
Listening to some good tunes.

Had a coffee in NYC by myself on the street corner.
A british man sat next to me and we started talking.
He told me about his friends band.
Who will also play at Glastonbury.
So here I am listening to them.
Really pleasant I must say.
London Grammar.

And this song has been on repeat today.

The two black alley cats hanging out, as usual.
They love each other. 

Stars & Stripes & Annikki as usual. Blurry.

I can´t complain when the view while landing is this, as usual. 
My main hang, Puerto Sagua, as usual. 

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