May 3, 2013

Oui, Oui.

I´m in NYC now.
Feels weirdly like home.
Today I was at the airport.
And found out then and there.
That I´m flying to Paris on Tuesday.
I was like "What, I´m going to Paris?"
They forgot to mention that to me.
So I cancelled my flight back to Miami.
Seems like I´ll have two days off in Paris.
Thank god I packed some spare underwear.
After Paris to Miami.
Couple of days and fly to Rio.
Isn´t it funny?

Flying in to NYC.
Reminded me of home in a weird way. 

Got in, dropped off bags and spent the night here.
In Brooklyn.
There was a fireplace. 

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Snabbe said...

Blogga oftare! ;)