May 23, 2013

Healing energy.

I walked around today Buenos Aires today.
People were staring.
I guess we looked different.
And hearing english makes people wonder.

Later I saw an Argentinian energy healer.
Basically he feels what´s wrong with you.
He was a psychic too.
He was old, heavy with grey hair and beard.
And he didn´t speak english.
I didn´t speak spanish.
It was amazing and he knew exactly what was up.
With my body.
With my spirit.
And before I left he gave me two really long hugs.
Like he didn´t wanna let go.
Kissed me many times on my cheeks.
And said in spanish that he only wants me to be happy.
When I talked about this later it made me cry.
I needed it.
Tomorrow off to Santiago, Chile.
Any tips?

There is a big celebration on Saturday.
Independence day. 

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Andrea said...

! <3

Ljuvligt med energy healer. We all need that.