May 7, 2013

I'm in a plane.

I just had a massage.
Now I am sitting in a plane.
Stupid me.
I changed the seat on the machine.
I thought I'd get a whole row.
To myself.
I accidentally changed from my window seat.
To a middle three seat.
Fuck my life.
I had a long night last night.
Went to see a friend at Le Baron.
Works there.
And another friend at Max Fish.
Owns it.
As I was standing outside Max Fish.
Smoking a cigarette.
My super awesome friend walks up.
And he lives in LA.
He was coming there too.
We did not know that we were in the same city.
How small is the world?
I love life.

Oh My Gosh!
They are talking Bri'ish English.

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