May 5, 2013


Computer next to the window.
Looking out.
Busy Chinatown street. 
Listening to Jay-Z. 
I am hungover. 
The sun is shining. 
It´s Sunday. 
I gotta get a move on. 
Venture the city. 
Went to some over the top house party last night. 
An amazing apartment. 
Then did a little karaoke. 
2 seconds ago I got a text asking if I wanna see Rihanna today. 
With my Tour mummy & daddy as I call them. 
Why not. 
Yesterday I spent a lot of time with my US siblings. 
The day before I spend the evening at the hospital. 
My US sister went to surgery. 
She needed some cheering up. 
What else is new? 
I am flying to London on tuesday. 
Then taking train to Paris after a couple of days. 

Coffee in the sunshine.
I had a conversation with a random person.
Sitting next to me.
He was from England. 

Went to say hi to my man yesterday.
Too bad he was only on a screen. 

Did a little film shoot yesterday.
Or I assisted as I normally do. 

My friends bags are being sold at Urban Outiftters woop.

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