May 12, 2013

Oh my.

It's been too long.
So sorry.
London was cold.
And busy. 
Radio show.
Took a train.
Came to Pariii.
I got sick.
Had a fever.
And worst flu ever.
Tv performance.
I saw it from my bed.
Decided the next day to not be sick anymore.
Took in some of the Paris love.
Went here and there. 
Met amazing people.
As always. 
Today was mellow. 
Tomorrow early flight to Miami.
2 days of getting shit done.
And off to Rio.
Today is mothersday.
I realized that when I go home.
In august.
I haven't seen my family for 8 months.
I miss them. 
3 hours of sleep.
And up and away.
Sorry for the boring pics.

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